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"Get Psyched serve the special needs population by teaching their parents and educators how to use research-based interventions to help them attain maximum independence in life after school.

Get Psyched, LLC provides answers and access to education staffing agencies, service providers and parents! We have the inside information that your team needs to: Increase market share and placement percentages, Build high-level capacity in supporting students with different abilities and improve your parenting knowledge and skills."

One the next page, you can expand your financial education training and 10% will sponsor a program that addresses special needs.

Learn For for Just $13.95 and 10% Goes To A Worthy Cause

  1. This resource normally sells for $20.00 at our seminar, but you can download it now for $13.95 (One-time).
  2. Full access to an audio tutorial titled, How to Spend Your Way out of Debt—no cost.
  3. Easy to follow workbook, samples and strategies that include a audio tutorial.
  4. Instant notification of upgrades.
  5. Limited availability, download your online resource while the special rate is still available. (See below).
  6. Buy Now and Support