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How You Earn? Here are few painless strategies how you can earn a cash reward. We offer an innovative custom mobile card service that help business owners, entrepreneurs and excutives market their service via a mobile phone. Help us find customers and you will be rewarded financially. Our real-time tracking software will instantly inform you concerning your cash reward.

Part-time or Full time. You never have to make a sale pitch. You will learn how to add just a simple link in your text message. When clicked, our state-of-the-art technology will spring into action, track your secured orders and instantly forward your commission report.

Realtime Statistics. You can reveiw your cash rewards in real-time and using any device.

Work-at-your-own-schedule. If you're self-driven and coachable this income opportunity may be a great fit. If you are looking for a way to earn extra income to help payoff a debt, loan, take a vacation, etc., let's talk.

Let's be real. We're not a get rich quick program nor are we looking for those that are. We make no earning promises but will pay on secured orders. Learn more

Promocode. Your promocode will be generated on the same day your account is secured. This code is exclusive to your account. When used at checkout, your referral SAVE 10% and you receive a cash reward. You will be automatically notified via E-Mail.

Mobile card. You will receive a custom mobile card that includes exclusive links, your promo code, contact information, etc. Your custom mobile card will do all the work. You will learn in 30 seconds or less how to share your moblie card and let it do the work.

There's no material to carry so you never have to be concern with passing out a business card or pushing a product down someones throat.

Earning Update.You will receive instant notification on all secured orders. Get started

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If you (1) Are Self-driven (2) Have good work habits (3) Are coachable, you are a great candidate. If you are looking to substizied your income, payoff a bill or for another avenue to generate $100, $500, $1,000 or more per month this program may be a great fit.

We make no promises on your total earnings. You determine how much you earn. Our team will follow up with those you text and when the However, their no earning potentialthe system will provide you with real-time statistics and remove any guessing game on how much you earn.

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Rickey Johnson