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"The greatest lesson I learned from my homeless tragedy is not to repeat it!"

Rickey Johnson


I'm a product of a Southern upbringing. Being the 9th child out of 10 children, I felt special. As a family, we enjoyed Sunday dinner and loved watching football together. We spend many days playing sports in our backyard. Our family was tight and overflowed with love.

Although I wasn't a child protege, I love music and found learning the piano so fulfilling. Additionally, I loved the creative side of writing songs.

As a young man, I was never taught about financial education. As a result, I failed at maintaining a good credit score, balancing my checkbook, and saving, just for starters. My lack of financial training caused many mistakes and eventually created my brief (3-4 months) homeless experience.

For this reason, I dedicated my life to share with those that didn't receive training or would like to improve their way of living.

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